Accent-E Branding music and art event coordination

The Project

The project was branding for a local start-up company focusing on music and art event consulting. They wanted clean branding and logo while being somewhat sophisticated. After some research on the local competition and feedback from people in the local music industry. Everybody wanted something clean, modern but playful and simple in an event company. These aspects were what would make people trust and use an event coordination company.


The Logo

For the logo,  they wanted to focus on the concept that they focused on entertainment, so I thought an accent over the letter “e” which represented entertainment. This mark could be easily added to the word mark which the client wanted to be the go-to logo. I used Harriet font because it has a classic look but is still playful or “entertaining” while also being able to appear somewhat refined. The tagline uses the Balto font which is clean and modern without being overbearing.

The Process

After the initial logo had gone through multiple revisions and we settled on the above result. I next worked on the color scheme, I wanted to use green because it has a calming effect on people. I thought that people may be stressed out when trying to put an event on and the color green would create a subconscious feeling of calm and that Accent-E would take your hand and fix everything for you. Using the black with the green was so the green would pop and catch your attention. I had to continue this branding with social media representation and a website as well as business cards and corporate usage such as a letterhead.


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