Cammachmore Whisky


The Project

The project was to rebrand an old whisky company, they needed complete branding overhaul that would help them stand out in the market. The idea was not to lose their old customers but be able to capture a new younger customer with their single malt whisky.


The Research

My research began by studying the history of the 150-year-old distillery and its Nordic ancestry that made it stand out from other Irish distilleries. Once I had an idea and concept to work with I had to study the market and Cammachmore’s competition which came down to Bowmore distillery, Bunnahabhain distillery, and Ancnoc distillery. They all offered single malt whiskys at a price range similar to Cammachmore. Then I had to figure how we would stand out from them. Another factor I had to take into account was my target audience. Cammachmore’s target audience is 38-50-year-old males. Most likely college-educated men with a discernible taste for quality products. Males who are the upper middle class with disposable income. They have jobs such as stockbrokers and upper management in big companies.  (We do not want to lose the whisky aficionados we already have but we want to win over the next generation of style-conscious whisky drinkers).

The Conclusion of my research,

I would highlight the Cammachmore clan’s unique Norse history as descendants of the original Viking settlers, who used the raven as their official symbol. We will focus on the symbol of the raven that represents strength and power in Norse history as well as the Cammachmore heritage to appeal to our target audience’s desire for tradition and masculinity.



The Logo

The logo design came next, I focused on the raven that was so important in Cammachmore’s history. I combined it with the Celtic trinity symbol since their history was a blend of Celtic and Nordic. This logo also was masculine and had a traditional look to it that I was going for to peak my target audience’s interest. The color scheme came from the local area of Wick that Cammachmore was located in, it was the colors of the flag of that area.

The Fonts

Typography is another important element of our brand and plays an important role in tying the brand together. By controlling the type styles used, we can further build the visual character of Cammachmore. The right font is critical in developing Cammachmore’s style and being consistent with the other branding elements. The primary font is Warnock Pro, this typeface is used because it is bold and masculine which are characteristics that we want to be associated with our brand. Warnock Pro has a traditional impression to it that we want to be identified with our branding. This typeface’s crisp and sharp serifs also have a tough and adventurous quality to them that embodies our unique Norse heritage.

The secondary font is Univers, this typeface is used because it pairs well with Warnock and doesn’t overshadow or take away from Warnock. Univers will be used in strictly corporate applications and for secondary information when paired with Warnock.

The Branding

This company needed complete branding and a guidebook to know how to use the branding. Following the bold, colorful, and masculine style of the logo, I designed everything they would need for clothing, vehicles, corporate identity, all the way to the whisky bottles and labels. This cohesive use of branding helped them capture their market share and become more successful.

The Conclusion

Correct branding will always help your company be more successful and proper research to understand what your client need is the most important part to reaching the correct branding.






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