Goudy Monograph

The Project

The project was to research Frederic Goudy and his font Goudy Old Style. Then write and design a 20-page monograph on what I had found. This monograph would be kept on file at UMBC.

The Research

The research for this project would have two different layers, the first would be my research on Goudy for the book. This involved many visits to college libraries, a lot of note taking and a lot of reading about Goudy. I also had to locate high-resolution images that worked with my subject matter to be used in the book. After this part of the research was done the second phase of research began. This involved discussing my notes with colleagues to see what they feedback on what they felt was important to include. Also, what my colleagues thought was the best approach to designing the book.

The Process

Once the research was done, the paper was written, and images collected I began the working on the design. I wanted to use a simple layout that still had room to play around with the design so I used a 6 column grid. I originally was going to use Goudy Old Style as the font but somebody had suggested I used a different font so when I was using Goudy for examples it would really stand out. The font I ended up using was Balto which is beautiful while still being a workhorse. I  used only Balto because of its large font family had enough variation in it to handle everything from headlines to captions. I also wanted there to be plenty of white space in the design so it wasn’t crowded so I went with single columns of text on most layouts. My color scheme was a simple muted orange, that I used to break up the monotony of the white page.

The Conclusion

After multiple rounds of revisions to the design, I finally reached the end result which I was very happy with. The final book was printed at 8′ x 10′ on 100-pound linen paper and it turned out beautifully.


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