Indian Cuisine Cookbook

The Project

The project was to design an Indian themed cookbook that would showcase the best Indian food recipes out there. The cookbook would also have four separate sections and the main entree section would be divided into Fish, Chicken, Vegetarian, and Meat.               

The Research

The fun part of the research was to make each dish and eat them, this way I could understand how the recipes worked as well as getting the exact photographs I wanted for my design concept. I also used this part to have friends help out and get feedback from them on what they looked for in a cookbook.


The Process

I decided that I would use large color photographs of the food, generally cropped in close so that the reader would be excited and look forward to cooking and eating the dishes. I used same Indian decoration throughout the cookbook to give it an authentic feel without being over the top.The section dividers would be kept simple and I would showcase different regions of India that the recipes came from here. I did this by using beautiful photography of the area and a small blurb about the region.

I didn’t want to use an “ethnic” style font because I felt that wasn’t necessary and would take away from the classy yet simple design. So, I used Goudy Old Style Paired with Gill Sans which is a beautiful and classic pairing that would be classy yet still a little funky. The Gill Sans was used for headlines while Goudy Old Style with its hand-lettered look and large font family was used to tackle the body copy of the recipes. Goudy’s large family of fonts was very helpful in creating hierarchy within the recipes and it’s small caps looked beautiful when used for the measurements. For the color scheme, I used green and orange from the Indian flag sparingly because I didn’t want the colors to be overpowering to the design since the pictures of the food are the hero.

The Conclusion

The cookbook came together as I had envisioned it and the client was happy.





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