Liner Notes Radio Branding


The Project

The project was to create branding for a local music podcast that would discuss behind the scenes of the music industry for musicians.

The Process

Since it was named liner notes that gave me a concept to explore. Liner notes originally began with vinyl then continued on through CDs but with digital music, liner notes have been somewhat forgotten. I interviewed some local musicians and found out that they considered the liner notes of an album, the behind the scenes look at music and the musical process. So, this concept was the correct one to follow. I researched the early days of liner notes which led me to the beautiful record album design of the Blue Note records.

The Logo                                                           

The logo was based on a vinyl album with a music note inside which resembled the “b” logo used on Blue Note records. The font I used was Co Headline because it had the rounded corners that were like the curve of an album.


The Colors

For the color scheme, I used muted tones of colors and muted tones that reminded me of Blue Note album covers.



I also had to brand promo materials, social media branding, corporate papers, and a website.



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