Michele McTierney Rebranding

The Project

This project was to rebrand a local musician’s branding. She wanted something new and with a little more meaning than her last logo. She also needed her website redesigned so that was the second part of the project.

The Logo

I stuck with the original font of Jenna Sue since she was already branded with this and I turned my focus to the logo mark. The Musician is a survivor of suicide and is very passionate about helping others. She recently got a tattoo of a rest music note as a way to remember the importance of taking that moment for yourself. Also, there is the quote “The music is not in the notes but in the silence in between” letting us know the importance of that rest note in music. So, I combined the rest note with a pair of wings to create a hummingbird shape. The wings and the hummingbird symbolize rebirth and the strength to carry on through the bad times which was an important philosophy to the musician who has put on benefit concerts for suicide prevention. I kept the color scheme simple to black and white to represent the choice we make to live.




The Website Redesign

The client wanted her website updated so it was more exciting. She wanted the home page to sell her music, it had to be full of videos, images, and music. She wanted it to have links so you could listen and buy the music right on the home page without having to look around. Also, she wanted to use imagery that screamed rock and roll and the site had to be completely responsive. The home page had to be the hero and catch anybody’s attention that went to it, so they didn’t give up from having to search for things too much.




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